• Dismantle decades-old establishment, status quo, insider, corrupt political machine.
  • Mandate 100% clean public money candidate campaigns.
  • Reinvent San Francisco into the first zero-carbon emissions international city in the world.
  • Expedite full-service public power.
  • Make public transit free.
  • Defend neighborhood character, diversity, and self-determination.
  • Approve best tenant protection laws in the nation.
  • End poverty on streets with comprehensive homeless program.
  • Reverse growing economic inequality.
  • Challenge corporate and tech agendas.
  • Empower mass movements.
  • Disempower top 1% economic elite.
  • Halt Manhattanization.
  • Rejuvenate inclusive participatory democracy.
  • Convert Presidio into a second United Nations headquarters focused on global warming.
  • Create just, livable, flourishing City.

Paid for by Joel Ventresca for San Francisco Mayor 2019. FPPC# 1418992. Financial disclosures are available at