Joel Ventresca is the only Progressive Democrat on the ballot for San Francisco mayor this year. The clear choice now is between a progressive mayor and a “not a progressive” mayor, between a neighborhood mayor and a downtown mayor, and between a public interest mayor and a private interest economic elite mayor for the next four years. The stakes have never been higher for the future of San Francisco.

200-Word Voter Information Pamphlet Statement
New Transformational Leadership & Fundamental Change is Coming:
I will govern as America’s most effective progressive mayor.

34 Years of Exceptional Award-winning Public Service:

  • Administrator and Analyst; City and County of San Francisco Airport Commission (1987-2018).
  • Department Head Assistant and Aging Specialist; City and County of San Francisco Aging Commission (1981-1984).

Prior Positions:

  • City and County of San Francisco Environmental Commissioner
  • President, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods
  • Executive Committee Member, SEIU


  • Recognized safety, security, and risk expert.
  • Adopted first landmark City and County of San Francisco Sustainability Plan.
  • Received nearly 100,000 votes in local elections.


  • Master in Public Administration; University of San Francisco

Media Characterizations:

  • “incorruptible”; “principled”; “honest”; “courageous”; “knowledgeable”; “tough”; “independent”.


  • Dismantle decades-old establishment, status quo, insider, corrupt political machine.
  • Mandate 100% clean public money candidate campaigns.
  • Reinvent San Francisco into the first zero-carbon emissions international city in the world.
  • Expedite full-service public power.
  • Make public transit free.
  • Defend neighborhood character, diversity, and self-determination.
  • Approve best tenant protection laws in the nation.
  • End poverty on streets with comprehensive homeless program.
  • Reverse growing economic inequality.
  • Challenge corporate and tech agendas.
  • Empower mass movements.
  • Disempower top 1% economic elite.
  • Halt Manhattanization.
  • Rejuvenate inclusive participatory democracy.
  • Convert Presidio into a second United Nations headquarters focused on global warming.
  • Create just, livable, flourishing City.

“Joel Ventresca…plans to attack…from the left, touting his bona fides as a neighborhood activist and environmental commissioner. ‘I’m going to align myself with the mass movements that have made the progressive movement very strong in San Francisco,’ Ventresca said.” San Francisco Chronicle June 12, 2019

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